Our Women’s Gentle Kundalini class, which was popular last term, has resumed this week.  Participants have really enjoyed this lovely and relaxing introduction to Kundalini yoga. There are still spaces if anyone would like to join the special ladies only session on Tuesday mornings. 

We love sharing the benefits of Kundalini yoga with new people. On Saturday we presented a Come and Try class and were delighted to host eight participants. We had our wood fire aglow to welcome them and Pippa, our mascot Jack Russell (pictured), was also part of the welcoming committee. Kathryn led a powerful kriya for the pituitary gland, which is the master gland, the guardian of our health. Most of our guests stayed for a warming cup of chai and bliss balls and conversation.  

The Come and Try class is the start of a month of special events for Springwood Studio. On August 12 we will be holding a Springwood Studio Sampler event. This will be a morning of half-hour sessions to allow people to experience our various studio offerings.

The sampler event will herald the official start of our new timetable on August 14. We’re excited to introduce new specialist teachers to our growing community. We’ll tell you more about our new teachers and the chosen charity that you can support through attending our classes in the next article.