Studio  Manager
Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

Meet Pierre Geslin, a passionate and experienced mindfulness meditation teacher and MBSR Programme Instructor from Brittany, now calling Scott Creek, in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, home.

His multicultural approach to mindfulness is deeply rooted in emotional intelligence, drawing from a rich tapestry of life experiences across Europe and Australia.

The road to mindfulness

Pierre's journey with mindfulness began in 1981, in Australia when he first sought peace and healing through mindfulness meditation, after a life-altering road accident left him with severe tinnitus.

This transformative path not only helped him cope with tinnitus but also shaped his life philosophy, highlighting the inner strength within each individual and the profound impact of mindfulness.

Certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction from the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches in Germany and a meditation teacher accredited by the British School of Meditation, Pierre's expertise is further enhanced as a Reiki Master Teacher certified by the Centre International de Reiki in Belgium.

Mindfulness practice, as a lifestyle

With a diverse background as a professional journalist and adult trainer, including teaching business English and communication in France, Pierre's teaching approach is a harmonious blend of personal experience, professional knowledge, and dedication to personal development.

Today, Pierre dedicates his time to the management of the Studio and offering a range of transformative experiences, including MBSR programmes, mindfulness retreats, meditation circles, Reiki training, Haiku writing, and Haiga creation workshops. His teachings at the Springwood Yoga Studio are accessible and relatable to all.

To change the World, from within

Pierre's mission is to introduce Mindfulness Practice to the world, one breath at a time, with the motto, "We are out to change the world, from within."

Welcome to a transformative journey with Pierre.

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  • Phone: 0422 905 533