Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Adi Amrita Kaur (Kaylene Dyinawili Wombat) is a proud Mirning, Wirangu, Kokotha woman from Ceduna Koonibba on the Far West Coast of South Australia who lives in Adelaide on Kaurna country. She has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for over 10 years and is a Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) Certified Level One Yoga Instructor. She is currently a Kundalini Yoga Therapist in training with the Guru Ram Das Centre for Medicine and Humanology working under clinical supervision to high ethical standards. Kaylene is also a registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia.

She has embraced the healing power of Kundalini Yoga in her life and is passionate about sharing her journey of healing, resilience, and strength with the community. She is inspired to nurture self-empowerment, self-love and self-compassion as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

In the language of her Mirning culture, Miring:yu “deep inner listening“ inspires healing and empowerment, connecting the ancient wisdom, knowledge and values of her culture with the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga. Her Divine Authentic Self stands strong on these foundations enriched by her cultural and spiritual connection to her ancestors, family, community, culture and country.

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