Hatha Yoga Teacher

Anthony Coles is a Hatha Yoga teacher taught under the Sri Vidya lineage of Rod Stryker.

Anthony Coles is a Hatha Yoga teacher taught under the Sri Vidya lineage of Rod Stryker1.Anthony’s yoga philosophy is guided by a belief that when we improve our levels ofawareness, observe more of what’s happening in nature, we find our place in the world.

When we are connected with Meaning & Purpose we learn what it is to Be Human .Anthony is offering the following services at Springwood Studios...


With a focus on the calming & grounding benefits of Yoga & Meditation, Anthony offers a mix of programs & locations across Adelaide.

Small Group Classes
90 minute ‘Kriya’ yoga, integrating Asana, Breathwork & Meditation

Yoga Hikes
Based around our BrownHill Creek studio, these 3-hour sessions mix Yoga & Hiking

International Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat
A 7-Day International program incorporating Indigenous Education, twice-daily yoga, meditation and mindfulness program


Established in the US in December ‘16, mainstream media called Evryman ‘Crossfit for Emotions’.

Evryman offers a deep, supportive environment for Men’s emotional literacy.

Weekly Men’s Groups
People can choose to join in, or startup, a weekly Men’s Group, with structured support. Refer www.evryman.com

Open Source Retreats
A 1-Day/ Overnight program in a Springwoods Natural environment

1-on-1 Coaching support for Individuals

‘Lost Arts’ Workshops
Monthly specialist workshops on Stonework, Woodwork, Metalwork & Butchery.


Coaching services are available to individuals & organisations.

60 minute sessions, F2F, or Online
Fortnightly, Monthly recurring

6-Week ‘Reboot’
6-week program of weekly sessions, with daily follow up