Studio Owner Caretaker
Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Tina Spencer is a certified kundalini yoga and meditation instructor specialising in its therapeutic applications.  

Tina’s yoga practice began 30 years ago while working in rural development in Venezuela. She moved to Chicago in 1989 and practiced a range of meditation and yoga styles before moving to Australia with her family in 2009.

Tina has been teaching Kundalini yoga from her home since 2011 and has offered a yoga practice to clients and staff at the Cancercare Centre in Unley since 2013. Through Springwood Studio, Tina aims to share the tools of yoga and well-being in a natural and peaceful environment with even more people.


Nurturing inner calm

written by yoga student Kathy Kitt

"I have been a regular participant in Tina Spencer’s Kundalini Yoga Sessions for nearly six years.

The new Springwood Studio overlooks the picturesque Adelaide Hills with spectacular views forever changing with the seasons. Tina’s soothing voice and careful instructions help promote an inner calm.

Over time I have gained a deeper awareness of my body, strengthened and improved my mental and physical well-being whilst also improving my flexibility and core-strength. Her depth of knowledge and understanding of Kundalini enables Tina to vary each session while at the same time always maintaining an awareness of her student’s needs. Training with a different sequence of postures each week provides a holistic approach to mind and body stress relief and relaxation.  

I always leave the class feeling refreshed and calm ready to deal with everyday demands."