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About Springwood Studio

about springwoodSpringwood Studio is situated on a beautiful property in Leawood Gardens. The inviting and tranquil space is surrounded by gumtrees and home to an array of native birds and plants.

The studio began in 2009 as a craft workshop and a place for friends to gather to express creativity through arts and crafts with rewards beyond artistic achievement.

The addition of a dedicated yoga space in early 2017 has enabled Springwood Studio to expand its offerings to also include Kundalini yoga classes, meditation classes, wellbeing workshops and other creative pursuits.

A variety of day retreats and yoga training workshops will also be held in the studio space.

Our vision

The vision is for Springwood Studio to become a sanctuary for personal growth, creative expression and wellbeing.

We aim to create a learning and sharing community where like-minded people can be inspired. It will be a place where people can connect with others and also access tools and resources to enhance their wellbeing.

We will provide a space for Adelaide’s community of Kundalini yoga teachers to develop and share their skills, and bring teachers from other parts of Australia and the world to hold workshops and training sessions.